Teaching Professional-Coral Isle
Scott Moser

Call 239.732.6900 for individual/group or playing lesson information
All grass hitting area-enough space to accommodate 70 golfers at one time.
Three (3) Short Game practice areas for:  putting, short chips and pitches.
Two (2) Sand Bunkers for green-side and fairway practice.
Quality Golf Balls.


Scott B. Moser (named after Byron Nelson) has been the primary golf instructor at Coral Isle for seventeen (17) seasons.  Scott's forty (40) plus years as a Golf Professional at Naples' Imperial Golf Club (12 yrs), Teaching Professional at Oakwood Club, Cleveland, Ohio (18 yrs) and Golf Director of Paradise Golf Schools (1994 -2002) has given him a perspective on teaching all levels and kinds of golfers.

Scott states that golf instruction has to establish certain key elements; grip, posture, address, swing plane, etcetera, for success.  But what sets his "style of teaching" apart from other instructors is his ability to breakdown a student's learning style and alter his presentation of those key elements.  By using information received during a brief pre-lesson conversation, Scott will then use certain gestures, phrases, questions and student feedback to teach them in their learning style.

Why come to Coral Isle Golf Center?  Well, for one thing, we are the only free-standing driving range in Collier County.  We are number one!
 Scott B. Moser- Teaching Professional 
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